I Need a Logo

Of course you do. If you plan on doing business you need a NAME and a LOGO. But what kind of LOGO do you want and what kind of LOGO is going to be effective for your business?

All logos are NOT created equal. It can be difficult to know how effective your logo is going to be in growing your business? How will you know if the logo you get today will help you get noticed and build the name recognition you need to compete? We have studied hundreds of logos and created logos that do just that for the brands we support.

These are the 5 PEAKS™ your logo can take your business to

It’s not only about creating the LOGO you need now, it’s about creating a LOGO that has the best potential to become a BRAND.

We’re ready to help!

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LOGO Design

We have talented designers who have been designing logos for almost 10 years. With our 5PEAKS evaluation we ensure you know what you want and get what you need.

Some of the logos we’ve developed

TAGLINE Development

Some say your tagline is the most important ad you will place. Along with your Name and Logo, these three make a mighty trio.

NAMING Workshops

A great logo starts with a great name. We provide collaborative workshops where our team guides your team through exercises to inspire and ignite amazing name ideas.

Companies we’ve collaboratively named

Point B Wealth Advisors

A wealth advisory company that firsts asks clients where they want to be in the future and how they want their assets to look when they arrive there.

Zanne Health Massage

A massage therapist who serves clients with chronic pain helping them remind their body how to work and relax their mind.

EGO Web Interactive

A user experience centered web development firm that builds everything on the confidence of behavioral science and research.


A set of online software tools that aid small construction and remodeling companies improve communication with their clients and manage their business.

DesignON Templates

A set of professional design templates that aid designers in delivering better creative results and better customer service to improve their freelance businesses.

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