I Want to Build a Brand

Branding is about owning an IDEA in the people’s minds. The more singular and powerful the IDEA, and the more minds that IDEA exists in, the stronger the brand.

IDEAS are what we covet the most. Not shiny toys, or even the riches of men. IDEAS have the power to lift us up and to hold us down. Some cultures believe that IDEAS can actual effect the physical world. We are dyed in the wool believers in the power of IDEAS and we give businesses the power to wield those IDEAS so that they might connect with their crowd and effect their buying behaviors.

These are the 6G’s of Growth™ your business can experience through branding.

If your brand is not doing these intentionally, it’s probably not helping you do them at all.

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Find your IDEA

That idea that will differentiate you from the competition, makes you more relevant to your target audience, and is built upon your strengths as an organization.

Build your IDEA into your identity

Your name and logo are the most notable, but a brand requires an outstanding graphic & verbal treatment that will connect across print and web applications.

Thread your IDEA throughout

Every point of contact with your clients is a touch point and must be leveraged to plant your Idea in their minds. The key is to brand in layers and use every layer available to you.

Check your IDEA’s impact

Keep in touch with your client base and understand the breadth and depth of how your brand is impacting them.

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