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We are dyed-in-the-wool believers in the power of IDEAS and we give businesses the power to wield those IDEAS so that they might connect with their crowd and affect their buying behaviors.

Eric Oakland
Founder, Head Creative

The Power of IDEAS

As a young tyke, I could keep myself entertained for hours (you’re welcome mom & dad!).

Imagine the fun I had when we moved from the country-side into town and I had a ton of neighbor kids to play with. The more people I had to play with, the more creative the games got.

One to Many

I graduated high school from a small town in South Dakota acing art projects and 10 years later ended up in Chicago as a freelance art director, pitching ideas to the V.P.s of multi-national corporations.

I’ve worked on projects for Deloitte Tax, Nielsen, and Dairy Management Incorporated, and contributed to pitches for General Electric, Coca-cola and LifeFitness. I’ve lead teams of designers through hundreds of pages of print and interactive web projects, Illustrated animated videos & feature-length movies, and conceptualized marketing campaigns.

One plus Three is More

I’ve picked up a lot of tools along the way, the most valued of which are the relationships with clients and partners. While I am able to function creatively on my own, it is by far more rewarding and effective to team up with other people – whether they see themselves as creative or not.

Our Mark

Through years of web design, print design and illustration, the most impacting work has been creating corporate identities and building brands. It’s out of this work that Population Design has grown, to collaborate directly with business owners and decision makers who are passionate about the work their company does.

Population Design exists in order to give businesses the power to wield IDEAS so that they might Mark their World. Everything we do is built on powerful IDEAS, purposeful DESIGN, and partnering with PEOPLE.

PopD Partners

Population Design does a lot of things in house, but we find our best work comes out of collaboration with our clients and other creative partners. Below are some of our strongest creative partners in web development, copy writing, photography, marketing and business development.

Partners we collaborate with

Ego Web Interactive

Eric Olive and the team at Ego have web work down to a science, literally. Along with a philosophy of making websites that work with your business.

Black Ice Studios

Provocative Copy

Well’s Digital & Printing

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